Zigiju : The Impact of Health & Nutrition Sponsorship

Mar 7, 2022

Almost five years ago, in the early days of Addis Jemari, we welcomed Zigiju into the AJ Home program. At the time, we were told she had no medical issues.
Two months after moving into the home, her school called and let us know that she had fallen due to a seizure. Thankfully, one of her sisters was with her, and her fall didn’t result in a physical injury. But the incident was a clear indication that she needed to be seen and evaluated by a doctor.  
Following that first incident, Zigiju was diagnosed with epilepsy and the pediatrician who examined Zigiju prescribed medication that she needed to take for it. However, the medication was not available in-country, so we needed to purchase it outside Ethiopia. 
Thanks to generous monthly donors who have become Healthcare & Nutrition sponsors, we were able to buy the prescription from the U.S. and send it directly to the caregivers at AJ Home so it could be given to Zigiju.
Since her initial diagnosis, the pediatrician prescribed a long-term medication to Zigiju to help manage her epilepsy — which needs to be refilled every three months. She also had to undergo costly lab tests such as a serum level test, an ECG exam, and an MRI. Some of the tests need to be administered a couple of times each year. 
Thanks to people like you, a community of prayer partners has been lifting her up in prayer, and monthly Healthcare and Nutrition sponsors have been able to cover these costs in full!  
Your generosity covers the medical costs, but your financial support also enables us to pay staff members who make sure that Zigiju gets to her doctor’s appointments and takes the right dosage of medication at the right time. 
Today, Zigiju is thriving, living a full life, and succeeding at school. She is a much-loved member of our AJ family. 
Several other girls at AJ Home and children and mothers in our Family Empowerment Program also have ongoing medical needs. 
To serve them well, it is essential that more people choose to become Healthcare and Nutrition sponsors. Individuals and families can give $42 a month to provide vital resources to help the people we serve in Ethiopia. 
If you are already a sponsor, thank you! We would be grateful if you helped spread the word about the impact being made in the lives of girls like Zigiju.
If not, we invite you to prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor or a prayer partner today.