Flower Statement Studs

Make a statement with your new flower statement studs! Forged in Hope handcrafted the earrings in Kibera slum using ethically sourced brass. In order to extend the jewelry’s longevity, it was bonded with a layer of gold and coated with a clear protective finish. Avoiding exposure to chemicals and abrasives will help your studs last even longer.

Forged in Hope is an artisan group supported by Mercy House Global. The group started with an artisan named Stephen who expressed himself through creating jewelry. He established his upcycled brass jewelry business in the heart of Kibera, the largest urban slum in Africa. Mercy House Global is proud to support this talented group of artisans. 



  • Made in Kenya 
  • Crafted from ethically sourced brass 
  • After this jewelry was handcrafted of recycled brass in Kenya, the surface was coated with a thin layer of gold in order to promote longevity.
  • Production: Ethically sourced, Fair trade, and Sustainably sourced


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